MoreMotion Web Express

MoreMotion Web Express 3.3

Create a webpage without a knowledge of HTML


  • Produces good quality websites
  • Requires no HTML knowledge


  • Cluttered interface
  • Preview function didn't work properly

Very good

The first thing you need before creating your webpage is some HTML knowledge, right? Well, not anymore. Now with MoreMotion Web Express you can create a complete website even if you have no idea about HTML.

Unfortunately this doesn't mean that using MoreMotion is piece of cake. My personal impression when launching the program was that the interface is cluttered with options, buttons and menus, making it actually quite confusing. Also, the "Preview in browser" function didn't seem to work correctly.

In spite of this, MoreMotion Web Express is still a good alternative for HTML illiterates, as it allows users to produce rich-content, visually appealing websites, either for professional or personal use, that go beyond the basic plain HTML document.

MoreMotion Web Express enables users to develop web sites and their pages without having an experienced knowledge of HTML.

Its unique design capabilities make it possible to design state-of-the-art pages easily. Web Express does not have the limits that other so-called WYSIWYG.

MoreMotion Web Express has all the functionality of Web Designer except that the XSL generation capability.

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MoreMotion Web Express


MoreMotion Web Express 3.3

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